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Major know-how : Design and manufacturing of sensors ...
Complete design proof test of eye pad testers : 1 to 400 tons for anchoring components in crane activity
 Rotating torque transducer with integrated display: Torque range from 0,5 to 1000N.m, speed up to 20.000 rpm
 Customized reaction torque transducer :Torque range from 0,1 to 100kN.m 
Load_cell_for_heavy_load_tension_and_compression_static_and_dynamic   calculation and design of a load pin
load pin transducer with 1 or 2 channel measurement
  multi-axis sensors with force and torque channel  
Load cell for heavy load in tension and compression : static and dynamic loading

From 500KN up to 2,5MN

  Customized load pin sensors

Sensors custom designed  for 1 or 2 monitored chanels,overload till 500%, proofness IP67...

  Complete system designed for tensile force measurement on cable or rope

designed for 6 to 20 mm diameter

 rotating, dynamic torque sensor  rotating shaft torque measurement  multi-axis sensors with force and torque channel
Range of dynamic torquemeter : from 0,05 up to 20.000N.m

Speed up to 36.000 rpm.

 Dynamic torque measurement
Monitoring of a rotating shaft for torque measurement, contactless transmission  ...
 Multi-axis sensor : 2 to 6 axis
above a 4 axis sensor for specific requirement on automatic machine.

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