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Handheld display for bridge strain gauges : AFP-042

Handheld display for bridge strain gauges : AFP-042

This AFP-042 hanheld display for strain gauges allows measurement by means of a connexion with the sensors made with strain gauges technology :force, pressure, torque transducer. Its compacity ,low power consumption, the performance with accuracy measurement gives an essential role in instrumentation activity.
The AFP-042 is user-friendly due to a very performing keyboard and allows the use of the display with the accuracy and unit suitable for your technical application.Two calibration tables can be memorized for 2 different type of sensor.

-Display of 7,5 digits with a 6 key keyboard
-Dual calibration and memorization for 2 sensors
-Auto-sleep facility suit or disable
-Powered by 2 AA internal batteries
-Calibration with live option or table mode,TEDS compatible