Force transducer, torque transducer, strain gauge amplifier

Engineering in force,torque and embedded measurement 

Miniature pressure transducers

Pressure measurement fom 50 to 500 bar de -20°C à +160°C

High capacity force transducers 

Force measurement from 100KN to 2500 KN

System for embedded torque sensors with emitter and receiver

High sampling data rate at 20KHz

Engine power measuremeant  by monitoring the drive shaft with 2.4GHz transceiver

Truck power torque measuremeant  by monitoring the drive shaft with 2.4GHz transceiver

High load link capacity dynamometer

Force measurement range from 50daN to 5000KN

Tensiometer for running line force measurement

Tension force measurement for rope or steel cable from 1mm to 64 mm diameter

Acquisition software dedicated to  : torque-angle or force-displacement measurement

We design and realize acquisition units in a very simple setup functions, user friendly and safety backup control for your multi-channel applications with torque or force transducer, angle, motion.Monitoring and acquisition of combined channel : torque-angle, force-motion, pressure-temperature...

Design and manufacture force, torque, pressure  sensors based on strain gauge technology

Fast delay products delivery for strain gages equipement

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