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Low cost rotary torque transducer : CAP-2000

Low cost rotary torque transducer : CAP-2000

The contactless rotary torque transducer CAP-2000 allows torque measurement within a narrow volume at 5000rpm.
This sensor is designed for economical technical solution. Its lenght and diameter allows an easy integration in most of engineering cases.
  • Economical rotary torque transducer version
  • Range measurement : 2,5N.m to 500 N.m
  • High level output signal : 2,5 +/-2,5V 
  • Accuracy: < 1.0%. 
  • Supply voltage : 6,5 to 15,0 Vdc
  • Revolution speed : 5.000rpm
  • Option: ATEX Directive Zone 2 /square mechanical connexion