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Miniature diaphragm pressure sensor : PMA-060

Miniature diaphragm pressure sensor : PMA-060

This pressure sensor with flush diaphragm  is used in a broad range of applications on hydraulic installation or test benches  and was designed at first time for use in polimer process manufacturing.

The sensor can be assembled on a plate meshed with several pressure transducers PMA-060 for reaching a network of pressure values in a specfic area.
The model is proposed in thread dimension : M8 

Pressure range : 0-50 to 0-500 bar
Temperature from -20°C to 160°C
High stability and tightening torque has to be accurate 
Accuracy class ±0,55% of F.S.O.
Flush diaphragm designed
Stainless steel

Optional features :
- high level output : 0-5V ; 0-10V ;4-20 mA
- higher temperature in operational configuration
- customized design : lenght or diameter