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Static torque transducer with flanges : CCB-020

Static torque transducer with flanges : CCB-020

The torque sensor CCB-020 was designed for an integration on shaft for measurement of reaction torque . The specific design gives a good accuracy in torque measurement and the alignment with the axis of the shaft have to be respected,so the flange are designed to fulfill this requirement .
We propose the model in different ranges of measurement : from 50N.m to 2500 .m. For higher range please consult our Technical Design Office.
  • Reaction torque transducer with flanges
  • Measurement range : 0-50N.m to 0-2500N.m 
  • Sensivity 2.0 mV/V +/-10% v.s. capacity 
  • Accuracy 0.35%. 
  • Matériau : stainless steel for the sensor material and aluminum for housing
  • Protection index : Ip55
  • Optional high level output : 0+/-10V, 2,50+/-2,5V, 5.00+/-5.0V, 12mA+/-8mA, USB output digital