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Double channel rotary torque transducer : CAP-DRDL

Double channel rotary torque transducer : CAP-DRDL

The double channel rotary torque sensor CAP-DRDL allows to measure on 2 channel simultaneously torque with high speed  of rotation.
This transducer can be used for high accuracy of 0,1% , either at low and high range.
See the links conditions between the ranges of 2 channels.

  • High accuracy contactless rotary torque transducer
  • Measurement range 1st channel: 0,5N.m to 5000N.m for the 1st channel
  • Measurement range 2nd channel : 10% to 50% of the 1st channel range
  • Output signal : 0 +/-10.00V
  • Accuracy: 0.10%. 
  • Supply voltage : 12,0 Vdc
  • Rotation speed : 7.900rpm to 36.000rpm according to torque transducer intertia
  • Optional : speed / angle measurement.