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Tensiometer fixed on line  : TEN-DYN-991

Tensiometer fixed on line : TEN-DYN-991

The tensiometer TEN-DYN-991 was developped with a force transducer on-board to fulfill requirement in force measurement and monitoring in running line cable and rope .
In some specific cases we can analyse and measure tensions in metallic rods. The running cable diameter is in the range of 24 to 40 mm.
The system can be equipped with control load monitoring system to send and memorize alerts on events.

  • High capacity tensiometer for force measurement on running line . 
  • Force range in cable: 5KN to 150KN ... we design for higher capacity 
  • Cable diameter : from 16 mm to 40 mm
  • Sensivity : 1,50 mV/V  
  • Standard accuracy : 3.50%
  • Material : stainless steel for the load cell and mechanical components/ aluminum + polymers for protection
  • Protection index :IP66
  • Option: high level output amplifier-conditionner embedded on the tensiometer  : 0+/-10V, 2,5+/-2,5V, 5.00V+/-5V, 12mA+/-8mA