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Force Transducers

 A load cell (force transducer) is a device that converts a force into an electrical signal. The most common are built with strain gauges.

Our company offers compression, traction and traction-compression load cell from 0.1N to 5000KN. Accuracy from 0.05% . Calibrations and mountings of the sensors are realized in accordance to the standard ISO-376.

We have classified the force sensors according to the type of loading in 3 categories:

 Compression load cell

These sensors in the basic version are intended to measure a force in one direction only so that in the physical sense, the physical force acts to decrease the thickness of the object. The link to our product range: /compression-load-cell


Tension load cell

These sensors in the basic version are intended to measure a force in a single direction and, the force which is applied there causes an elongation of the sensor. The link to our product range: /tension-load-cell

Tension and compression load cell

These sensors make it possible to measure the intensity of an effort in both directions of stress. For example, during effort cycling, the positive and negative stress of the force applied on a specimen can be measured . The link to our product range : /tension-and-compression-load-cell

Force transducer_definition

Force transducer_definition

A force transducer converts strain into electrical signal proportional to the load applied on the sensor

A force measurement can be done by load cell or force transducer in order to reach the intensity whose units is : Lbs, N, Kg, ton.