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Load measuring pin sensor high capacity : ADYN-130CC

Load measuring pin sensor high capacity : ADYN-130CC

The load measuring pin ADYN-130CC is made for use in harsh conditions ,mainly crane and hoist activities .
The sensor can be linked via a shielded cable to a failsafe monitoring system CE certified. It can be linked also to a complete system :emitter-receiver 2.4GHz ,BLE 4.1 FCC/CE certified.
  • Load pin sensor for high capacity in crane and hoist activities 
  • Force range : 10kN to 15000kN
  • Sensivity from 1,00 to 1,50 mV/V according to scale output. 
  • Standard accuracy 0.85 à 1.00 %.
  • Material : stainless steel with high mechanical resistance
  • Protection index :IP67.
  • Option: high level output amplifier-conditionner for output: 0+/-10V, 2,5+/-2,5V, 5.00V+/-5V, 12mA+/-8mA, USB direct, Wireless with industrial 2,4GHz or BLE 4.1.