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Tensile force measurement in cable or rope

Tensile strenght measurement in cable and rope with force sensor

How do you control the tensile force of a cable without direct insertion of a force sensor?
By means of a force transducer, the cable tension measurement is very often performed by an indirect measurement of the tension force of the wire or cable by performing a local displacement of the live wire / cable and observing the resultant force calculated and setup on the measuring device. The usual units displayed are : daN, ton, Lbs ...
CAPTRONIC also designs and manufactures steel wire devices with a diameter of less than one millimeter but also for cables up to 36 mm in diameter and tensile force which can reach 250KN.

CAPTRONIC: specific designed of force sensors or tensiometers
The device shown below is designed for cable tension monitoring of 500 daN, its dimensions allows an easy integration. 
In this case the cable is not under motion, but the efforts can change while processing.
Welding wire tensile force measuring device (diameter less than 1mm) 
Below is a picture of a part of a welding wire tension measuring device for use on an automatic pipe-flange welder.
This sensor makes it possible, during the course of the welding wire, to be able to continuously measure the 
force during the welding process and thus to allow the control of the tensioner of the distribution coil.

Tensiometer for cable whose diameter range is 1mm to 36 mm :ponctual measurement
Below is a photo of a cable tension measuring device connected to a portable display and allows to measure the tension forces of a cable whose diameter varies from 1mm to 36mm . This device is intended for spot 
measurements: cable-stayed structures, mooring cables, tensile structure reinforcements ...
Tensiometre mesure force dans cable 6 a 36mm