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Tension-compression Force transducer  : CFTC-050

Tension-compression Force transducer : CFTC-050

The CFTC-050 force transducer has been developed to fulfill requirement of accuracy and long life cycles measurement.
The mechanical definition with 2 threads allows easy integration and efficient link with screw or swivel .
Due to a simple design and good mechanical stainless steel, this sensor is naturally designed for benches with long life testing and save time if interchangeability is necessary.
  • Load cell based on strain gauges equipment for force measurement in tension-compression. 
  • Force range : +/-50 daN to+/-20.000daN
  • Sensivity from 1.25 to 2.0 mV/V  according to scale output. 
  • Standard accuracy 0.25%
  • Material : stainless steel for the load cell / polymer and industrial silicon 
  • Protection index :IP67
  • Option: high level output amplifier-conditionner miniature in a small waterproof enclosure  : 0+/-10V, 2,5+/-2,5V, 5.00V+/-5V, 12mA+/-8mA